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You can wear your dog all the way out with this automatic ball tosser

Nothing is quite as sweet as snuggling up with your pup at the end of a long day, but if your dog is bouncing off the walls at all hours, it might be a little difficult. Energy, especially in a big dog, can be far from sweet. A toy, ball, or just a walk is an easy way to take the edge off, but even the best pet parent isn’t always in the mood for a trip around the block. Fetch can quickly get tiring, too, even if you’re not the one running after the ball (although sometimes you still are).

Luckily, Chewy is here with fun and easy solutions. They have a selection of ball-launching toys that your pup will love, but these two automatic ball tossers are truly luxurious. You can lounge in style while Fido runs himself silly — it’s a win-win! iDogMate’s Smart Automatic Dog Ball Launcher Toy has everything you need to keep your dog occupied both physically and mentally. You can select settings to launch balls 10, 20, 30, or 35 feet in the air, or you can pick the random setting and watch your pup try to figure out where the next ball will go. With its “anti-stuck motor,” even slobbery balls will launch across your home or the closest field with ease —  just be careful not to get in their way. You’ll get up to 250 launches every time you charge the machine, so you’ve got time to grab a cup of coffee (and a treat for after playtime) and relax for a while.

To charge the ball tosser, you can use the included AC adapter or recharge the lithium-ion battery (also included). The variable distance and charging settings make this toy ideal for yard or indoor playtime, which is a relief for pet parents who don’t always have access to a park. Even without an outdoor space to run, your dog can enjoy chasing the felt balls indoors, which are softer than regular tennis balls and much healthier on canine gums and teeth. And the nice, long workout this launcher provides means naptime for your pup can’t be far behind!

For time-crunched owners who want reassurance that a launcher is safe for their pup, PetSafe’s Automatic Ball Launcher Dog Toy will give you that extra peace of mind you deserve. Its advanced safety features, including three motion sensors, keep both humans and dogs safe, so playtime won’t ever have to end early. There’s a sensor in front of the launcher, so no one, two or four legged, will ever be hit by a flying tennis ball. Another is located in the launch pocket, to keep hands and noses safe from the machine.

To keep dogs from exhausting themselves from playing for too long, this ball launcher also has a 15-minute timer. After the timer runs out, the machine will go into rest mode for another 15 minutes. During play, you can take advantage of its six angles and nine distance settings, making this ideal for getting some exercise nearly anywhere.

An automatic ball launcher lets you watch your pup play the day away without exhausting yourself. You’ll be able to spend this special time together without having to worry about throwing out your shoulder, so playtime can go on until you’re both ready for a quiet cuddle.

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