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Best Prime Day cat litter deals for 2021

Cat litter may not be the most enjoyable topic to talk about, but with Amazon Prime Day here on June 21st and June 22nd, it’s time to get the cat litter party started. Prime Day cat litter deals are finally here, so it’s time to get your pet necessities at a fraction of the cost they normally would be. If you want a clean home and want your cats to have the bathroom of their dreams, it’s time to scoop up, quite literally, one of these cat litter deals.

You may not be happy with your current litter or perhaps your furry friends are the ones who aren’t pleased. With the right litter, you’ll be able to make your cats happy to use their box and avoid unwanted bathroom messes, so it’s important to figure out what works best for your pets, and of course you. We’ve found our favorite cat litter deals to make your search for a kitty bathroom a bit simpler.

Best Prime Day cat litter deals 2021

Formulated to provide the best care for your feline friends, this premium clumping cat litter creates hard clumping at the right size. This is safe for owners with allergies as it is 99.9% dust-free. more
This cat litter odor eliminator uses new deodorization technology to make the deodorization rate above 80%. It doesn't generate any harmful fumes or unwanted smells that will make cats uncomfortable. more
This litter boasts great absorbing qualities, which means you don't have to keep replacing it often. It also clumps quickly and tightly and won't stick to your cat's paws. more
The PetSafe Crystal Cat Litter control unbeatable odor as it absorbs urine and dehydrates solid waste. It doesn't stick to your cat's feet, 99% dust-free, and easy to clean up (no scooping required). more
Ideal for those with allergies, this litter eliminates dusty mess when pouring and scooping. It lasts two times longer and guarantees superior odor control as well as hard clumping. more
Keep your feline friends happy with this natural, long-lasting litter. It clumps really quickly and can be scooped easily, which allows for convenient odor control and cleanup. more
The bentonite clay component of this litter allows for maximum, hard clumping. It also boasts a multicat formulation, which means freshness and odor control are preserved for longer. more
This wood cat litter is the perfect option for both long-haired cats and allergic fur parents. It's 100% sustainable, and best of all, it removes the mess of powdery and dusty pouring and scooping. more
This cat litter works to trap and eliminate odor for up to 10 days. It creates no-mess clumps that are easy to scoop and dispose of. Plus, it's lightweight making it more convenient to carry around. more
Skoon proves to be a reliable partner when it comes to cleaning cat litters with its high absorption to eliminate odors and non-tracking of paws to prevent unhealthy licking or messy floors. more

Should you shop Prime Day cat litter deals?

If you have a cat, then the answer is always yes. Cat litter is always a necessity whether it’s Prime Day or not, so you might as well stock up while prices are down. Since litter doesn’t expire, take advantage of these deals and grab a few, or many, containers. You’ll be able to snag the litter you always use or maybe you’ll have the opportunity to try out a new one that is typically more expensive than you’d like to consider.

Cats can definitely have preferences when it comes to their litter, so if you have a kitty at home that isn’t quite taking to their current brand, Prime Day could be an optimal moment to test out new versions – just make sure you give your cats time to get acclimated to their new litter.

How to choose the right kitty litter

If you’re unsure of which litter to buy, it can become overwhelming with all of the choices out there. When browsing through Prime Day cat litter deals, keep these key points in mind:

  • Material

There are different benefits to every material, so you will ultimately have to decide what works best for you. Clay quickly clumps for easy cleanup, while materials such as wood and wheat are biodegradable. Depending on the litter and its material, you may be able scoop out both urine and number two. However, non-clumping litter allows urine to sift through so you can only scoop up feces. The good thing about non-clumping litter is that it usually masks odors without any problems.

  • Unscented vs. scented

You may be attracted to scented litter to mask odors, but that doesn’t mean the unscented versions are worse. Some litters use natural materials, like pinewood, to naturally absorb unwanted smells. Because cats can be specific, you may soon realize that your kitties don’t like added scents. You know your pets best, so only you can make the best decision.

Whether you have an opinionated cat at home or a few that just don’t care what their litter box smells like, show your cats some love by taking advantage of Prime Day cat litter deals. While they may not realize the effort you’ve put into choosing a new cat litter, they’ll appreciate having their perfect bathroom spot and you’ll appreciate finding the right odorless, easy to clean up litter.

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